Video Service

Optimize, Monetize, and Thrive

Experience the power of Gitberry's comprehensive video services. From seamless integration and data optimization to intelligent ad serving, we empower you to monetize your content effectively and thrive in the digital landscape.


Gitberry's Header Bidding service provides simultaneous bidding opportunities to multiple ad exchanges. The result? Faster ad load times, superior CPMs, and increased fill rates, optimizing your ad revenues.


Our Data Management Platform gathers, segregates, anonymizes, and utilizes your ad data to enhance your CPMs. Leverage the power of your data to better understand and reach your audience.


Built from scratch to harness the capabilities of HTML5, Gitberry's Video Player ensures fast, reliable performance across all devices. Experience smooth, high-quality playback with our state-of-the-art video player.


Gitberry's proprietary Ad Server utilizes separate servers for display, video, and mobile ads to maximize your ad stack's performance. This tailored delivery technology is designed to boost ad impressions and optimize revenues.


Host, encode, manage, and publish your video content effortlessly with our Online Video Platform. Our comprehensive solution is armed with powerful analytics to provide you with key insights for smarter content strategies.


Our Global Sales Team, operating from 8 offices across 4 countries, collaborates with the world’s largest advertisers to bring top-tier campaigns to your doorstep. Benefit from our international reach and industry relationships to bolster your ad revenue.

Data-Driven Revenue Enhancer

Harness the power of data with Gitberry. We merge machine learning with human insights, optimizing your ad stack continuously. Each content load triggers a custom ad solution, driving your revenue higher. Our analytics dashboards provide valuable insights into ad performance, empowering your decision-making.

Data Lake

Dive into Gitberry's Data Lake - a vast reservoir of real-time, anonymized data. This encompasses users, content, ad servers, demand sources, and more, offering us an exceptionally comprehensive view of each ad opportunity.

Machine Learning

We channel billions of data records through the forefront of machine intelligence. The outcome? Real-time prediction of the best outcomes. Gitberry's Machine Learning models translate data into profits.

Human Intelligence

The power of A.I. is matched with the brilliance of human intellect. Our sales and operations specialists keep their fingers on the pulse of industry trends and metrics, leveraging their expertise to create advantages that no machine can.

Ad Serving

Demand and performance rates vary across formats and environments. Gitberry intelligently selects ad servers that best suit each opportunity, leading to increased revenue and reduced latency.

Ad Selection

We consider every user and page a unique event. Our technology selects ad units that optimize for both user satisfaction and revenue generation, fostering a positive browsing experience for the user.