Video Service

An All-Inclusive Package

Video, Display, Data – Imagine all your digital advertising needs delivered through one channel; Gitberry makes it possible. Integrate a simple piece of code and monetize your site for any device or operating system.


Allow multiple ad exchanges to bid on your inventory at the same time, resulting in faster ad load times, better CPMs, and increased fill.


We aggregate your ad data, silo it, anonymize it, and then use that data to increase your CPMs.


Designed from the ground up to leverage the power of HTML5, Gitberry’s video player was built to run fast and reliably on any device.


Our proprietary delivery technology utilizes separate ad servers for display, video, and mobile to maximize the performance of your ad stack.


Host, encode, manage, and publish your video content with ease. Complete with powerful analytics.


With 8 offices in 4 countries, our direct and network sales teams bring in top campaigns from the world’s largest advertisers.

Revenue Intelligence

Gitberry’s proprietary technology combines machine learning with human insight to continually optimize your ad stack. With Revenue Intelligence, Gitberry creates a custom advertising solution every time your content loads, maximizing revenue at each moment. In turn, our analytics dashboards help you to understand the revenue implications and provide vital insight into ad performance.

Data Lake

Our systems produce constant streams of anonymized data that we collect and analyze in realtime. The “data lake” encompasses users, content, ad servers, demand sources, and more, giving us a remarkably complete picture of each ad opportunity.

Machine Learning

Take billions of data records across a hundred variables, pipe them through the bleeding edge of machine intelligence, then use the results to predict the best outcomes in realtime. Our machine learning models make it possible.

Human Intelligence

Revenue intelligence comes from A.I. – but equally from I.Q. Our sales and ops specialists stay on top of the latest industry trends and metrics, and use their knowledge and relationships to eke out advantages no machine can match.

Ad Serving

Ad demand, performance, and rates vary across format and environment. selects ad servers with the demand that best suits the opportunity, producing higher revenue and lower latency.

Ad Selection

Ad Selection We treat every user and page as a unique event and select ad units that optimize for both. The result is happy users that keep browsing content and watching ads.